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Who is Markos Tegui? Markos Tegui is a survivor. A survivor of a difficult child hood, survivor of addiction, and a survivor of the streets. More importantly, Markos Tegui is an inspiration to all! His life and his music teach the listener that no matter what life throws at you, if you chose to prevail, you will!

Markos Tegui was born in Puerto Rico in 1984. At the age of 4 Markos' family moved to San Diego. Specifically, the Linda Vista neighborhood. There he was introduced to an array of American culture. Specifically,  it was American Hip Hop culture that really grabbed hold of his heart. As a result at the young age of 6 Markos began break dancing and preforming at talent shows and festival around the city. He was also into playing soccer, little league, and martial arts. All of these sports helped to build his talent and passion for music. The life experiences  taught him discipline, competitiveness, and how to be a team player in a competitive environment.

Shortly, after discovering his new passions and talents Markos' home life took a turn for the worst. Hiis brother fell victim to circumstances outside of any ones control, and the unfortunate event in his life left the family in disarray. Unfortunately,  for Markos this was the beginning of a long road to over coming the odds. Yet at the same time the beginning of creating and molding himself into a great artist and lyricist.  The struggle of his family became his main motivation to spit. After Markos' father left the home Markos' family life became a constant struggle.  Markos was determined to change the future for his entire family and as a result he was in seek of new avenues to make that dream a reality.

Consequently, Markos turned to music at the age of 12. Markos used writing as a way to express the emotions he had as a result of the environment he lived in, and as a way to avoid the politics, and gang banging that was happening in his neighborhood. At first his music was an outlet where Markos could express his feelings toward the hardships he had became a victim to. The hardships he faced lead him to focus on current events in his life. He began to write about childhood difficulties, divorce, single motherhood, and family issues.

At 16, Markos began to take on the role of the man of the house. Dropping out of high school and working along side his others siblings to help provide for the entire family. He strived to help his mother and his siblings. His only desire was to stand up and be the man he knew his mother deserved.  However, he couldn't avoid the meltdown and eventually found himself in a place no one should ever have to find themselves. He started playing around with drugs and the trip was not a favorable one. All his work was heldback as he stranded in a nomadic lifestyle. He had poor relationships that lead to his writing materials being lost in the world forever. So, if you happen across an old set of headphones connected to a tape-deck walkman you may want to play it? It may just be the lost tapes of Markos Tegui aka Decimal. Markos liked to record on a set of head phones and tape deck prior to the digital age!

Today, Markos is a New Man. He is more determined than ever and his music has evolved in a way that surpasses the digital era. His sound is pop, hip hop, rap, and techno/dub-step combined. His unique mixes and hard hitting lyrics with a message set him apart from most local artist in the industry. He talks about life, the streets, family, and community. He wants to be a part of the solution. He wants his music to touch and move all who hear it. He has 2 Releases "Time Traveler" EP and "Who Is Markos Tegui" LP, and is currently developing Artist, as well as preping up his next Albums to drop.

Markos Tegui By. Joanne Hoyt

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