Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Model Of The New Years 2016 !!

Joanna Guzman

The Interview

Q: 1. What made you want to become a model?

A: 1. Honestly modeling was not really something I hope to be.  A friend of mine who was a photographer, approach me about it.  At the time my confidence and self-esteem needed a little boost, so he asked me if he can come over to take some pictures of me to show how lucky I am.  When those first sets of photos came I could not believe they were me.  I am passionate about it and I love meeting new people, but more importantly if it fits in my life why not.

Q: 2. what was your best gig so far?

A:2. I don’t really do gigs, but every session with David Bazabal is always fun.

Q: 3. An ideal first date?

A: 3. I don't really believe in first dates, I care more about the chase, the passion, and the extent you will go to win my love.

Q: 4. List any other talents or skills?

A: 4. I don't think I have any special talents or skills, I focus all my efforts and talents on raising my son to be a man and productive member or society.  I believe the world can be a better place as long as our children is taught love, compassion, and hard work.

Q: 5. Some words of advice for young women accross the world?

A: 5. Beauty is never from the outside, there's plenty of beautiful women in the world on the outside but your true shine and beauty comes from the inside.

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